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Sub Aqua Club

Westhoughton club is very friendly and welcoming to new members both complete beginners and qualified divers from any association.


W.S.A.C. was founded in 2001 and has a membership of over 40 divers. We run very regular training courses throughout the year and organise training dives almost every other weekend from March to December. Helping you to learn to scuba dive at your own pace..

The club organises many scuba diving trips around the UK and occasionally abroad, all members are welcome on these training dives and dive trips provided they have reached an appropriate level of experience and qualification,

(and if you are almost ready and still want to come, we’ll do our best to boost your training up to the required level in time!).

The club is open to all who wish to learn to scuba dive; regardless of age, sex, colour, creed or disability however the minimum age that we will accept for membership is 12 years, although in some cases we would prefer new members to be 14 years old. Our reasons for this are that Scuba Diving is an adventure sport and it involves some fairly heavy equipment.


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