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Sub Aqua Club

Simon Richards

Diving Grade: Advanced Diver & DfA Dive Manager & Buddies.

Instructor: Open Water Instructor

Simon has been diving for over 21 years and he learned to dive while on holiday in Greece. He is an Advanced Diver and an Open Water Instructor. He loves diving and also teaching he has logged over 1000 dives in the UK and overseas. He currently holds several SDC qualifications. He is also an instructor on some of the SDC qualifications that he holds and is working to become an instructor on more of them.

Role of a Treasurer

It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep an up to date record of the Branch’s income and expenditure; any funds that are used for the day to day running of the Branch. The Treasurer also keeps a record of the Branch’s assets. The Treasurer is required to compile a “End of Year” report, which includes an “Income & Expenditure Sheet” – these are presented for approval at the Branch AGM.

Attributes of a Treasurer

  • It is desirable that a Branch Treasurer has some experience of financial accounting.
  • Ability to plan and monitor income and expenditure and prepare annual budgets.
  • Able to provide advice on the Branch’s financial position on a regular basis.
  • Ability to offer sound financial management advice to the Branch.

Role of a Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary works alongside the Treasurer for the calling in and collection of all debts and subscriptions from Branch members. The Membership Secretary also ensures that each of our members is diving under a valid BSAC medical certificate, acts as point of contact for any new membership enquiries, and deals with any membership queries from current members. The Membership Secretary liaises with BSAC HQ, with regards to membership renewals.

Attributes of a Membership Secretary

  • Able to keep paperwork up to date for all members within the club.
  • Ability to communicate via email and telephone.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Confident, with good leadership skills.
  • Reasonable level of availability.
  • Able to respect confidentiality.
  • Approachable and friendly.