bsac 2295
Sub Aqua Club

Gary Roberts

Diving Grade: Sport Diver

Instructor: Assistance Diving Instructor

Gary started diving in 2016 after he had a try-dive in Gozo and by 2018 he had qualified as a BSAC Sport Diver. He is currently working towards his Dive Leader qualification. In 2018 he completed his instructor foundation course this is the first step to become an instructor and is now helping with trainees and try divers.

Role of an Equipment Officer

Main responsibility is to ensure all equipment and kit is maintained and serviced as per manufacturer recommendations. They also need to track and record the whereabouts of all equipment, thus enabling easy access for the Branch. The Equipment Officer will work hand in hand with dive managers to ensure all kit is made available, as and when needed. 

Attributes of an Equipment Officer

  • Preferably, have a certain amount of maintenance skills.
  • Good paperwork skills, to keep track of WSAC kit.
  • Ability to suggest improvements or changes.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Approachable and friendly.