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Sub Aqua Club

Ronnie Lucas

Diving Grade: Advance Diver & DfA Dive Manager & Buddies.

Instructor: Open Water Instructor & Diving for All Instructor

I did a try dive in Majorca with my daughter in 98 then at same place in 2005 thinking it's a sport just done on holiday, in december 05 saw an advert in local paper for try dives and signed up in Jan 06. I was gently pushed by our then DO Ian Ellison to attend courses do more training and join the committee not knowing his master plan was to get me to take over his role as DO.

I currently hold 19 dive qualifications for course attended and instructor qualification as a diver your training never ends as you need to keep your skill base updated to keep your buddy and yourself safe.

Diving in UK waters can be challenging but if you can dive in the UK you can dive anywhere the advantages are there is a lot of wrecks to dive as well as scenic diving.

I have been lucky enough to dive some further afield country's and as a BSAC qualified diver you tend to be treated differently as they know you are a safer more responsible diver.

Role of a Diving Officer

The Diving Officer in effect, is the Branch’s Safety officer. They are responsible for ensuring all “Club Dives”, are done safely. The Diving Officer needs to address any areas they feel don’t meet the “safe diving” practice standards.

Attributes of a Diving Officer

  • Must have zest for the task, patience, sympathy and understanding
  • Ideally, they will also be a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor
  • Should hold at least the qualification of BSAC Advanced Diver
  • Have a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of diving
  • Be able to impart their knowledge and ability to others
  • Good organisational skills