bsac 2295
Sub Aqua Club

Neil Hickman

Diving Grade: Sport Diver

Instructor: Snorkel Instructor

Neil started diving in 2017 after finally having the opportunity to become a diver from his first every taste of scuba diving when he was 15 years old. He quickly got a bug for teaching others and whilst he was still only an Ocean Diver completed his Snorkel Instructor Training Course & Assessment. Shortly after, he completed his Sports Diver grade.

Role of a Media Officer

The main responsibility of the Media Officer is to maintain and promote the club through the use of social media and the website. Keeping communications open with the public about the day to day aspects of the club and giving them sneak peeks into the world of diving.

Attributes of a Media Officer

  • A wizz with technology
  • Good communication skills
  • Knows their way around social media platforms
  • Fantastic organisational skills